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don’t question it they’re so fuckin good it’s a feminist anthem

the things i do for feminism..

*burns bra*

*listens to BO$$ on repeat*

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i cant get bo$$ out of my head god damn it caroline


"boy, i ain’t talking about you, i’m talking to my own reflection"

everyone needs to wake up and see how great 5h is

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She wants the D(ata from the original genome) 

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first word of your first tumblr url and the last word of your current url = your superhero name

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what are we holding onto?

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the keys are people who have died allison then aiden then ___

adrian the chem teacher would fill in the triple A if that is what they’re going with but i mean idk why they would

my other bet is on erika as the last key

the people wanted dead are all supernatural and stiles is not on it

so theories about peter kind of rule out for my opinion because he wouldn’t care

its someone who has connections to the beacon hills bros and the county supernatural freaks and geeks

i like the the theory of danny but where is the motive? i’d love for there to be  plot twist where we was like evil the entire time but ya

i could see it being someone’s parent 

OR it could be three people: chris argent, danny, and whomever would be connected to the third key I think it’s liam’s step dad who works with Melissa McCall 

honestly though I could see it being liam’s step dad more than anyone at this point because there isn’t much known on him but it could make sense as well (esp if he is holding some secrets and power)


she’s beauty and she’s grace, she plays 8 different people who have the same face

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please stop calling Black children who have different interests and tastes white

it’s damaging and alienating

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"Do you guys know who the Benefactor is? Have you been told?"

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Orphan Black as a comic book

Scene #1: Beth’s suicide

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In Light Of The New 50 Shades of Grey Trailer


E.L. James knows as much about BDSM as she would have found in a five minute Google search, which is to say that she knows precisely jack shit.

50 Shades of Grey does not depict a realistic kinky relationship, nor does it depict a healthy relationship of either the kinky or vanilla variety.

It is a Twilight fanfic, and has all the elements of Edward and Bella’s abusive relationship with kink added for extra flavor. Just as Edward and Bella are not a healthy or realistic couple, neither are Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Christian Grey is an abuser who manipulates a young woman with zero knowledge of BDSM into a relationship with him. He knows she is ignorant of what a healthy BDSM relationship looks like, and uses this to:

  • ignore and override her attempts at negotiation,
  • play without a safeword (since she doesn’t know that they exist),
  • create a false dichotomy of “either we’re kinky my way or we just don’t have sex at all,”
  • threaten and stalk her,
  • rape her,
  • prevent her from discussing her relationship with anyone other than him,
  • and control aspects of her personal life, including what car she drives, what medications she takes, and how she spends her free time.

This is not BDSM. This is not sexy. This is abuse.

Using 50 Shades as your basis for how a kinky relationship works (for critical or practical purposes) is like treating Titanic: The Legend Goes On as a historical documentary. Don’t do it.


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nothing will ruin your 20s more than thinking you should have your life together already. —I need to write this on every wall of my room. (via thisyearsgirls)

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